Undergound culture

A visit to Transilvania’s Sighisoara and Turda’s salt mine impressed upon my spirit’s state with its history. The church, for instance, still has the memories of a 800 years of culture. The church was built in the XII century and the mine was first exploited almost in the same time. They both have an underground … More Undergound culture

Transilvania Hills

Through the hills of Transilvania You can hear the whispering wind, Feel theĀ purring clouds, Taste the soothing breeze. Ancient remnants of the nature Will guide your spirit’s breath Dormant shadows will follow Your steady pace While the moon’s radiance Will glance upon the glares of sun.

Matter of perspective

Our diatribe against negativity is persistent, often negativistic. However negative charges are what keeps our body whole. Our idolatrization towards positivity is tremendous, often like a fetish. However positive charges are what keeps our body whole. Our moral filter is like a compass. It reaches out towards one pole only. However it requiers our choice … More Matter of perspective