Current times (glimpse of thought)

I have a strange feeling …

That this period of time is a new Rennaissance (a modern one, for instance), and it will take another two or more centuries for us to get over the edge in order to evolve furthermore. We are already getting lost in wars & conflicts, with dull activities and mundane attitudes, kind of like the bourgeois period.

That breaking point that we needed in order to evolve occured with a change in how the children wondered about the world (children that became today’s all known scientists – Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein etc.).

So I’m thinking it’s a matter of what goes through infancy and lasts in adulthood that makes our evolution. Though it’s just a feeling, by each day passing by it’s starting to become a fact.  A child’s mind is filled with curiosity, at first, and the more he doesn’t know, the more curious he is. Keeping this curiosity that turns into a drive to explore and understand maintains a new evolutionary path.

That being said, I have the urge to invest as much as possible in their youthful minds, eager to conquer, to experiment, to explore in order to understand. Because it seems that moments like these are what keeps us going forward. Our ancestors stopped running and fighting for survival at one point, even for a short limited time, and sought to understand something deeper than running from predators, and thus they invented tools to aid them. Since that time many similar pauses have helped us evolve over the conditions of those contexts. Newton rested under a tree and wondered, so does a child do when he encounters a fallen leaf for the first time.

A child for the world. A world for a child.


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